Terryl and Fiona's third collaboration, The Christ Who Heals (Deseret 2018) is available now:

Do Latter-day Saints worship the same Christ as other Christians? The answer is not a simple one. Mormonism is so richin doctrine, so expansive in its teachings, that we may be too easily distracted from this one cardinal proposition: The Restoration recovered that Christ who is the most remarkable being in the history of religious thought. The Restoration radically reshapes our understanding of his character and role as it emerged in preexistent councils, where he positioned himself to be our spiritual Father and to reunite us with our Heavenly Family, committing himself with unparalleled devotion to the project of our return. The Restoration reclaims Christ’s Atonement as an act of healing. It reconstitutes us as whole beings by transmuting the damage and pain endured in life’s educative crucible into sanctifying suffering that expands our capacity to receive and give love. Then Jesus invites us to share in his work of healing and saving. The Restoration also reconstructs judgment and salvation: the first as a process of self-understanding and self-revelation that is merciful and formative, the second as an eternal process by which an infinitely devoted Healer will work tirelessly to draw us ever onward into eternal realms of belonging.

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